Mike Duggan’s Detroit Housing Project

Written By: Tisha R. Long- fa8936@wayne.edu

Mike Duggan is working hard to get Detroit city back on its feet. After the Detroit’s bankruptcy chaos, the city has been trying to redeem itself.

Duggan is responsible for many great things that’s happening around the city, including housing projects. The Detroit city major is slowly rehabbing mid-town Detroit and things are looking great.

Recently, The Strathmore Hotel new renovation has got Detroiters talking. The building took construction workers 2 years to restore the hotel as an apartment building.

Curbed Detroit, says “The $28M in financing needed for the rehab has been secured. Three cheers for the Strathmore rehab! Midtown’s signature box o’ blight is rocking a fresh set of windows, ending an 11-year stint exposed to the elements. Even though the building is finally bird-proof, the interior is still miles from being ready for human occupation.”

Online news source, theguardian.com, says “The process of restoration takes not just money but time. In 2012 it was announced that the Strathmore was the latest of midtown’s wrecks to be tackled.”

Robbert McKay, an historic architect tells The Guardian, “It’s three times taller than anything else around there, so something had to happen to it, because if it didn’t the renovation of that area would never have been complete.”

The Guardian also reports, “Its restoration was not an easy prospect. When Midtown Detroit Inc bought the property they noted that it had been through the hands of five different developers in the previous five years, all of whom found themselves flummoxed by the idea of how to renovate such a huge and devastated space.”

But Detroit’s Major Mike Duggan, was able to turn things around. Now the Strathmore building is taking applications for the newly renovated building.




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