Unsafe Bicycle Lanes in Detroit


We fear of flying in an airplane but operating a vehicle is one of the most dangerous things we do on a regular basis. As a driver we must remain safe, stay in our lane, keep our eyes on the road and of course watch out for pedestrians.

Recently, in the city of Detroit, a new and improved obstacle has been added to our already pothole infested streets and they’re called, bicycle lanes.Living in the city, occasionally, we may see someone riding a bike, and sometimes we might see a group of people. In spite of that, Detroit is called the “Motor City” for a purpose and we don’t need bicycle lanes for our city.

Here’s why! Bicycle lanes are dangerous. The lanes are insecure because they are located on the right side of your vehicles in between the passing lane and the lane that is used to turn right. This can create an unsafe situation and hold up traffic. For example, when people are bicycling in the provided lane and someone who’s driving a motorized vehicle is ready to turn right, the people bicycling don’t have to stop, however, the person in the vehicle does. Bicyclers don’t have to yield to any signs when they’re in the street, which is extremely risky. If a person driving goes without looking for bicyclers, they may be at risk of an accident. Let’s say the driver notices the bicycler, now he or she has to stop before getting into the turning lane, meanwhile holding up traffic. In some parts of the Metro Detroit area, this type of bike lane has been improved by the city due to citizen complaints. The most recent bike lane is now taking up an entire traffic lane, creating a green space that alerts cars when they enter the lane. This can be extremely annoying for drivers during heavy traffic or rush hour, less lanes equal more traffic.

Although, we are supposed to look and be cautious while driving, many of us do other things while driving, like texting, talking to others in the car and other distractions.

Melvin Hopkins, 48, drives an 18 wheeler semi-truck seven days a week for work. He also noticed the newly painted bicycle lanes on Van Dyke and 8 mile road. While Melvin is well-trained on staying focused when driving, he too, shares the same bike lane pet peeve.

“I know we’re supposed to share the road but that bicycle lane is something the city created just because they were bored, said Melvin. We don’t need it, just like we don’t need all this other stuff that we pay for as tax payers.”

Melvin said the turning lane is over looked most of the time since people still drive in the lane.

As stated in a guest column on The Ann Arbor News, the city of Ann Arbor are having a bike lane problem too but their issue is the fact people still drive in the lane. Sounds like their citizens are ignoring the lanes too.

According to The Ann Arbor News, “It’s technically illegal to drive in a bike lane even if a community hasn’t adopted UTC, since all road users are required to obey traffic control devices, and bike lane markings are traffic control devices. But it’s funny that the Michigan city with the most bike lanes does nothing to keep motorists out of them.”

We would think a city that contains the most bicycle lanes would have a strict policy on motorist vehicles riding in them. Just like we would hope a city like Detroit, wouldn’t spend money on something so small, when there are major things like plot holes and broken street lights that need to be fixed.

Patricia Green, 27, a regular bicycler, who says adding the bike lanes were the best thing Detroit could do for the city.

“The new bike lanes are larger and more suitable, said Patricia. I’ve been waiting for the city to do this for years. It’s a shame drivers are ignoring the bike lane signs, the city should have more discipline for those who aren’t obeying the traffic laws.”

Patricia admits to witnessing vehicles still driving in bike lane but that only proves they are still unsafe no matter how many green spaces there are. If the lanes must exist, they seem more suitable for motorcycles instead of bikes. Bicyclers should go back to being on the sidewalk, where it’s much safer and no one is holding up the traffic.


Keeping Up with Detroit

A lot is happening around Detroit, and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Below are a few stories I found on Twitter that were Detroit related.

 The city of Detroit’s former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick is asking the justices to overturn his public corruption conviction that sent him to prison for 28 years, but there is no guarantee the court will hold a hearing on the case or hear arguments.


Flint water crisis causes students morning and evening school meals to change at Northridge Academy. Students are aware the water is bad. According to The Detroit News, “As Flint’s water crisis continues to unfold, schools across the city are being forced to make their own adjustments, from changing school menus to keeping bottles of water on hand in classrooms for thirsty students.” The city of Detroit is doing everything to help.

Now that the Flint crisis is happening, other America’s believe their water might be contaminated too.

Detroit current Mayor Mike Duggan is working hard to repair the city due to pervious loses. He’s currently coordinating projects that involved rebuilding and building new homes around Detroit. Mayor Mike Duggan wants change in the Detroit including the city’s “Motor City” title.


Detroit sends water to Flint while Flint works on repairing the contaminated pipes.

Wayne State University helps with testing the water in Flint.

Have you checked out any historical location in Detroit. People barely know they exist. James Smith House is second to oldest house in Detroit’s city…who knew?

Former Wayne State student, Tina Varlesi said she was asked inappropriate questions about her pregnancy during an internship at the Salvation Army.

Local animal shelter, Rejoceful Animal Rescue saves and helps as sick puppy and helps him complete a bucket list for dogs.

Parents who refused to give there children vaccine shots takes the blame for a measles controversy. Children without the proper vaccinations easy spread certain breakouts.

Detroit buildings maybe old and worn down, but it turns out they come in handy when you’re trying to make a movie. Batman vs Superman movies used some well-known buildings and locations around town to shoot different scenes for the movie.

If you’re every in Detroit or the Metro Detroit area, stop by a few of these places before you leave. According to Visit Detroit, a travels guide and blogpost, there’s 7 things you must do while you’re in town.


Podcast Detroit: Daily Detroit

Looking for an interesting Detroit Podcast to listen to? PodcastDetroit.com broadcasts some of the best podcasts the city has to offer.

Daily Detroit is a well known for covering multiple topics. Although, the podcast covers news, it also covers the fun stuff going on around the city too. Daily Detroit is Detroit’s real-time digital news magazine. You can listen to topics about Detroit’s news, people, voices, places, things to do, events, food, development, culture and quirks.

This podcast keeps Detroiters up to date on events and very informative on relevant information about the Motor City.

Check it out!!!

Safe and Healthy Homes in Detroit

Coming together as a community is one thing, but coming together as a city is the ultimate goal. The little things matter most in the City of Detroit, especially, when it comes to redeveloping safe and healthy environments.

Ragged houses in the motor city has become an issue over the years. As people continue to move out the city, leaving behind many abandon houses, others stay and struggle with roof fixtures, gas leaks, led poisoning and possible floods.

Dr. Carrie Beth Lasley, a research associate and instructor at Wayne State University, for the Center for Urban Studies, focuses her research on environmental risk, how it impacts the people, and developing a safe and healthy environment for those people.

Dr. Lasley is currently involved in a research project called the Healthy Homes study. She has teamed up with the federal HUD (U.S Housing and Urban Development) department becoming the first people to randomly look at three different cities and interpret what the American housing base lines might be.

According to Dr. Lasley, the research team examined the adopted methodology we took in as a nation from England, declaring Detroit has worse housing conditions than England.

“It seems logical when you say it out loud, but it’s actually the first time we’ve actually done a study where you can compare that very evenly”, said Dr. Lasley.

Having 32 hazards in each home keeps her busy with plenty of data. Dr. Lasley says she’s taking her data and comparing it with different ideas, like how much the house is worth, are the people living there employed, and figuring out which one is more prominent than the other.

The research associate says, it’s important to know for future targets along with the appropriate resources, so that, it properly meets the needs of the residents living in those areas.

Dr. Lasley states, she just started this project and her goal is to finish it.

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Event Slide Show: Henry Ford Museum

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The Henry Ford Museum is filled with interesting historical items that will certainly grab someone’s attention quickly. I was able to attend the Henry Ford Museum on February 28, 2016 in Dearborn, Mich.

A regular day at the Museum is exciting but going during Black History Month is even more ecstatic. One can learn so many different things in such a little time.

At the Museum there were many different exhibits to walk through, one of my favorite was the Rosa Park’s Bus Station. People got to sit on the actual bus Rosa Parks sat on.

I also checked out the different water fountains for colored and white people. The waiting room for bus station was a sight to see. Colored people were kept behind glass, while the whites sat in front without any glass.

I was also able to catch a family band called The Hamilton Family. They sang their hearts out to different songs that contributed to Black History Month. I got to meet two of the lead singers before they put on a good show.

If anyone is every near the Henry Ford Museum, I encourage everyone to stop by and see what they have new to offer.