Keeping Up with Detroit

A lot is happening around Detroit, and it’s almost impossible to keep up. Below are a few stories I found on Twitter that were Detroit related.

 The city of Detroit’s former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick is asking the justices to overturn his public corruption conviction that sent him to prison for 28 years, but there is no guarantee the court will hold a hearing on the case or hear arguments.


Flint water crisis causes students morning and evening school meals to change at Northridge Academy. Students are aware the water is bad. According to The Detroit News, “As Flint’s water crisis continues to unfold, schools across the city are being forced to make their own adjustments, from changing school menus to keeping bottles of water on hand in classrooms for thirsty students.” The city of Detroit is doing everything to help.

Now that the Flint crisis is happening, other America’s believe their water might be contaminated too.

Detroit current Mayor Mike Duggan is working hard to repair the city due to pervious loses. He’s currently coordinating projects that involved rebuilding and building new homes around Detroit. Mayor Mike Duggan wants change in the Detroit including the city’s “Motor City” title.


Detroit sends water to Flint while Flint works on repairing the contaminated pipes.

Wayne State University helps with testing the water in Flint.

Have you checked out any historical location in Detroit. People barely know they exist. James Smith House is second to oldest house in Detroit’s city…who knew?

Former Wayne State student, Tina Varlesi said she was asked inappropriate questions about her pregnancy during an internship at the Salvation Army.

Local animal shelter, Rejoceful Animal Rescue saves and helps as sick puppy and helps him complete a bucket list for dogs.

Parents who refused to give there children vaccine shots takes the blame for a measles controversy. Children without the proper vaccinations easy spread certain breakouts.

Detroit buildings maybe old and worn down, but it turns out they come in handy when you’re trying to make a movie. Batman vs Superman movies used some well-known buildings and locations around town to shoot different scenes for the movie.

If you’re every in Detroit or the Metro Detroit area, stop by a few of these places before you leave. According to Visit Detroit, a travels guide and blogpost, there’s 7 things you must do while you’re in town.

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