Twine Game: The Wheelchair Assignment

Man in wheelchair realizes he is hungry and needs to go shopping for food. SOURCE: stock photos

This game was very fun to create and wasn’t difficult to make at all. The idea came from a previous journalism assignment called the Wheelchair. Instead this concept was the complete opposite. The point my group wanted to get across was that going grocery shopping in a wheelchair is very hard to do for the disabled. There are many obstacles to over-come during the grocery shopping experience.

However, my team struggled with adding sound using Sound Cloud. We wanted to find a sound that went well with our pictures and have it automatically play once a player clicks onto the slide. Although the sound was added to the slide, the automatic play was tricky to figure out. It was always exciting when we passed a part we could not understand.

Coding on Twine was the most frustrating thing to complete. We wanted to add pictures to almost every slide but the coding had to be done correctly or the picture would not appear properly. What we all found intriguing was the way the slides came together.

Once we figured out how to connect a slide, it helped us make the slides flow smoothly. The five slides I worked on began with the wheelchair man in the granola aisle, who just accidently ran over a child’s cereal box. During this part of the slides, the game became very humorous.

The players had the option to either argue with the parent or apologize and keep shopping. Obviously, the best option was to keep shopping because if a player chose to argue with the parent than the security guard would kick them out.

When asking for feedback to test the game out, many players believed this part was unrealistic. Which they were correct, it was completely impractical. However, this is a game and most games are built upon fabrication. The idea was to make the player continue shopping.

The next few slides the player is trying to wrap things up and get to the checkout line but obstacles get into the way. First the man knocks down a bunch of clothes from a rack but it would take too long to pick them up due to the store closing shortly. Rushing to checkout, the player will realize the card reader is too high and will need help with paying for the items.

For this particular slide the feedback from testers were not happy. A comment about the game and this slide read, “As a whole, it didn’t make a lot of sense. It seemed trivializing and poking fun.”, but that was not my groups intention. We didn’t think anyone was going to be offended by the game at the time of creating the project.

We wanted people to walk away with understanding that people in wheelchair go through a lot of minor complications that people really don’t think about or see. Although, being in a wheelchair is a sensitive subject, it was not in our objective to necessarily make fun of anyone. We just added humor to make the game fun as a whole.

Over all, the game turned out just the way we wanted it. There were many players who enjoyed it. In the future, I would like to try Twine on my own time and think of another way to create something using what I learned during this assignment.


Iraq Protest Leaves Hundreds Dead: Immigrants in America Worry about Deportation

Iraq protest brings fear to American Immigrants

Government officials trying to calm the protesters down. SOURCE: Hassan Mneimneh

Danger is no secret when it comes to an uncontrolled country like Iraq. The country is known for its terrorism attacks, kidnapping, and active military conflict. Americans are warned to avoid traveling or consulting with government officials before visitation.

As of now, Iraq civilians are fed up with the conditions of the country and are currently protesting to get their needs heard. However, protests in Iraq are far from peaceful.

According to Al Jazeera English, an online news source says, “Security forces have responded to the crowds of mostly young men with astonishing brutality, firing live ammunition, water cannons and tear gas into crowds.”

Al Jazeera includes a tweet from Independent Journalist, Yousif Al-Hashimi, during a YouTube live stream, that explains the protesters actions.

However, violence is not the answer. Hundreds of protesters have been killed and thousands are left injured. The protest is one of the biggest Iraq has seen in decades.

While President Donald Trump and the U.S military are doing what they can to help the country, citizens and immigrants in America are worried about their families that are at risk of being deported.. In fact, many people from Iraq escape the violence by coming to the United States with their families even if it’s illegal.

Veronica Habbo, 27, knows all too well about the terrors of Iraq. Her family traveled from Baghdad, Iraq to United States well over fifty years ago.

Veronica worries about her family being deported back to Baghdad due to the state of being in Iraq. Although, she is a U.S citizen, many of her aunts and uncles are not. Just three years ago, Veronica and her family were forced into court to testify on behave of her Uncle Ramiz Habbo.

In 2006, Ramiz Habbo was charged for being in the United States illegally. U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement threaten to deport Ramiz, unless he can prove not guilty. Veronica and her family were devastated and they feared if their Uncle Ramiz was sent home to Iraq they would kill him.

Uncle Ramiz is currently in the process of receiving his green card to become legal in the U.S. Veronica says, “My family believe they are Americans, they have homes and businesses on American land. For many years they have lived the America way and are good people. They came to this country to be safe and it’s sad to see them scared to go outside because they worry about being sent back.”

Veronica, hopes to see changes in Iraq. She supports the protesters and look forward to her people getting what they deserve. In the future, Veronica Habbo, would like to visit without fear of being kidnapped or killed.

At this moment, Iraq is under curfew due to the anti-government protesters. Americans hope for an agreement between the protesters and their government. However, there is a warning advisory for all Americans that wish to travel to Iraq, to make note that the airports are completely secure but not beyond that point. Conditions are so severe that U.S Military could possibly be sent back to America.

Wayne State Struggles with Poor Building Conditions

Students and faculty suffers from University’s poor facility


State Hall is located in the heart of Wayne State University’s main campus; where many undergraduate’s students attend basic classes like History, English and Math.

Lately, the general education building, causes University’s students and faculty to become outraged at the poor building conditions.

A simple walk to class may requires students to shield themselves from ceiling tiles falling to avoid a strike to the head. In fact, many ceiling tiles are missing on every floor throughout the building.

State hall ceiling tile on second floor. SOURCE: Tisha Long September 27, 2019

Multiple elevators down have also become a part of the problem in State Hall. For months, the elevators have caused disabled students complications with getting to classes on top floors.

However, falling ceiling tile and out of order elevators, isn’t the only thing in poor condition at State Hall. Women restrooms are in the worst conditions than ever before.

State Hall women’s bathroom on first floor SOURCE: Tisha Long September 27, 2019

Girls struggle to have a clean and properly working bathroom stall. In most cases, the bathrooms are missing soap, paper towel and even tissue. Graffiti covers the walls in most stalls on the first floor.

The condition of state hall is unimaginable but what really concern students and faculty are the roaches being found around the building. Recently, students have spotted them on the floors, bathrooms sink and on top of toilets.

Graduate student, Kristine Moore says, the bathroom across from her Neuroscience class is never clean.

Kristine worries about the conditions getting worse and wonders what the school is doing to solve the issues.

According to Karen Reeves, a custodian of eleven years at Wayne State says, “I have to be honest with you, I can’t count how many roaches I’ve seen because I’ve seen so many. I hurry to clean the bathroom up and get out.”

Ms. Reeves also says, she encourages students to avoid stepping on the bugs so they won’t carry them home on their shoes.

Pictures of State Halls facility conditions has been emailed to Building Coordinator, LaNita Stewart and Facilities Operations and Maintenance Director, Steven Pecic.

Steven Pecic replied by stating, “What you’ve shared is not what we strive for. I’ll get in contact with the building coordinator. In the meantime, I’ll have staff address the issues you’ve identified.”

Although, our Building Coordinator of the year, LaNita Stewart was included in the emails, there was still no response.

Currently, Wayne State is in the process of demolishing and remodeling many buildings around campus. The University recently added more restaurants, new apartment buildings and updated the Student center. Students hope that State Hall will be soon on the list.