Twine Game: The Wheelchair Assignment

Man in wheelchair realizes he is hungry and needs to go shopping for food. SOURCE: stock photos

This game was very fun to create and wasn’t difficult to make at all. The idea came from a previous journalism assignment called the Wheelchair. Instead this concept was the complete opposite. The point my group wanted to get across was that going grocery shopping in a wheelchair is very hard to do for the disabled. There are many obstacles to over-come during the grocery shopping experience.

However, my team struggled with adding sound using Sound Cloud. We wanted to find a sound that went well with our pictures and have it automatically play once a player clicks onto the slide. Although the sound was added to the slide, the automatic play was tricky to figure out. It was always exciting when we passed a part we could not understand.

Coding on Twine was the most frustrating thing to complete. We wanted to add pictures to almost every slide but the coding had to be done correctly or the picture would not appear properly. What we all found intriguing was the way the slides came together.

Once we figured out how to connect a slide, it helped us make the slides flow smoothly. The five slides I worked on began with the wheelchair man in the granola aisle, who just accidently ran over a child’s cereal box. During this part of the slides, the game became very humorous.

The players had the option to either argue with the parent or apologize and keep shopping. Obviously, the best option was to keep shopping because if a player chose to argue with the parent than the security guard would kick them out.

When asking for feedback to test the game out, many players believed this part was unrealistic. Which they were correct, it was completely impractical. However, this is a game and most games are built upon fabrication. The idea was to make the player continue shopping.

The next few slides the player is trying to wrap things up and get to the checkout line but obstacles get into the way. First the man knocks down a bunch of clothes from a rack but it would take too long to pick them up due to the store closing shortly. Rushing to checkout, the player will realize the card reader is too high and will need help with paying for the items.

For this particular slide the feedback from testers were not happy. A comment about the game and this slide read, “As a whole, it didn’t make a lot of sense. It seemed trivializing and poking fun.”, but that was not my groups intention. We didn’t think anyone was going to be offended by the game at the time of creating the project.

We wanted people to walk away with understanding that people in wheelchair go through a lot of minor complications that people really don’t think about or see. Although, being in a wheelchair is a sensitive subject, it was not in our objective to necessarily make fun of anyone. We just added humor to make the game fun as a whole.

Over all, the game turned out just the way we wanted it. There were many players who enjoyed it. In the future, I would like to try Twine on my own time and think of another way to create something using what I learned during this assignment.


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