TMS: Book Review Podcast Show Notes

Award winning book Feb. 2018

This podcast was very enjoyable to create with my classmates Sarah Williams and MyKila Allix. We started off with a rough start considering none of us has done a podcast in a while but once we all met up, it became very easy to lay out a plan. We chose the book Algorithm of Oppression by Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble to do the book review on. The podcast focused of the strengthen and weaknesses of the book. It was so many strengthens to Dr. Noble’s book it was hard to argue anything she presented in her research. My podcasting crew really enjoyed reading this book. We are a group of women who uses the internet therefore it was easy to relate to Dr. Noble’s finding. The books main point was to shed a light on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. The search engines show a collection of negative biases about women when enter the words “black women”, “Asian women”, “Latino women”, and “Indian women”. Dr. Noble brought this issue to many internet users attention; that raise a question. Why are search engines allowing sexually references to pop up when people only put in the color or nationality of the women? There are so many things that could show when you put in “Asian girl” but pictures of hot and sexy Asian girls pop up. I figured that the searches were mirrored and the search engine is only going to give you what you put in it. If many people are searching that same thing, making that a top search; that’s why it shows up at the top. However, my classmate Sarah noticed that these were advertisements that payed google to be at the top when someone searched anything about Asian girls. That changed everything. That meant Google is allowing these type of algorithms to be shown because people payed for them to be at the top. That made us wonder is Google racist? Dr. Noble says, “Google denies everything. They deny any harm or ill intent”. Dr. Noble also brought to our attention that Google takes money from everybody, people who support segregation, KKK, and anything else. As long as you pay, it doesn’t matter. It sounds like they are responsible to me and if there is anyone who think they are not responsible than who is? I encourage everyone men and women to read this book. Especially, if you are an internet user it is strongly recommended.

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TMS Podcast

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