Born and raised in the city of Detroit, I was bound to be a journalist. At an early age, books became my best friend and writing in my diary was my favorite thing to do, especially on a rainy day. I continued my journey as a media professional at Golightly Career and Technical Center, studying mass media and Wayne State University, majoring in journalism, minoring in New Media. Along the way, I have created many websites, news stories, and blogs. I have conducted interviews, filmed and edited video/audio. Media is what I do and with the world changing, media continues to show me something different every time. Those are the things I like to share with the world in my writing. The purpose of this Blog is to display Detroit, Michigan as the wonderful city it is, through my point of view. Detroit is well-known for its horrific crimes and high murder rates but to some, Detroit is a place to call home. Somehow, the media forgets that.


Twitter: @Fa8936

Facebook: Tisha Renee


Email Address: fa8936@wayne.com

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